Update on South West Priority Growth Area, NSW

On opening in the mid 2020’s Sydney new airport at Badgerys Creek is expected to service 5 million passengers. The initial construction phase of the new airport is expected to generate more than 3000 jobs with the airport itself anticipated to deliver around 9000 jobs by 2031.


The government is releasing more land for housing will mean Sydneysiders have access to a range of houses that suit different needs, budgets and lifestyle choices. The government is helping to build new communities in precincts like Oran Park, Turner Road, East Leppington, Edmondson Park and Catherine Fields. A lot of works to be done to better connect new suburbs with the planned second Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek and the Broader Western Sydney Employment Area. Including major infrastructure and essential services.


I would like to provide you with info on the following two suburbs in the above growing area:


(1) Catherine Field

Catherine Field is located 60 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD and falls within the boundaries of the Camden Council which is the fastest growing region in Australia.

The Catherine Field community is afforded a unique quality of life situated within close proximity of major retail, educational and employment nodes while still offering a semi rural lifestyle.

According to the NSW government the precinct had the capacity to allow more than 54,000 new residents with a requirement for approximately 17,300 homes.

The area particularly low vacancy rate clearly points to a market in a state of under supply.


(2) Austral

The suburb of Austral is located 40 kilometres from the Sydney CBD in the state’s south west growth corridor.

Austral is an emerging community offering its residents a high quality of life surrounded by a diverse range of supporting infrastructure and amenity.

A particular unique feature of Austral that it is bordered to the East by the 583 hectare Western Sydney Parklands which is one of the largest parklands in the world.

Residents of Austral are offered a unique semi-rural lifestyle with a wide tracts of open space which run throughout the suburb.

The rising levels of demand are demonstrative of the area’s rapidly increasing popularity. Over the ten years study period there has been an average annual demand for 2270 houses throughout the area.

Information are from NSW Government – Planning and Environment February 2016.